Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I've been a bad blogger.

I haven't had much time at my computer these past few days to give a blog update between trying to work a lot, looking for a new apartment, and running around town. So, here I am giving an update before I get back to all of that! Next Sunday I turn 26 and I will be in Chicago, so by then I'll have lots of things to write about while in the Windy City!

Last Saturday there was a Jonathan Adler Warehouse sale in New York City. If there's one interior designer I LOVE it's Jonathan Adler. My sister was nice enough to go to go to it for me and pick up some goodies for me. I have been dying to have this white ceramic horse for over a year, but at a price tag of $295 and no where to put it, I've hesitated on purchasing it. I was hoping it would be at the sale this year, but it wasn't. I did end up with other goodies though!

Instead of finding the white ceramic horse I've dreamed of, my sister got the white ceramic lion instead! With it she got me the elephant top candle, a beautiful vase, and 5x7 picture frame. Not pictured is also a reed diffuser snagged from the Jonathan Adler warehouse sale. All for under $200 - I was quite pleased with the outcome! Also this past week at Off the 5th, a lot of their Jonathan Adler goodies were on sale at 70% off so I snagged another white 4x6 white ceramic picture frame and another candle. The Off the 5th sale wasn't as good as what was at the warehouse sale in New York City, but I couldn't help but add to my Jonathan Adler collection!

Another splurge over the past week was this big face Michael Kors White Ceramic watch! I have been dying to have this watch for a few months now, but the $395 price tag has kept me away from it. Saks Fifth Avenue had a 1 day sale of 40% off certain items online at the beginning of the month and this watch was on it. To my surprise I was also able to combine a 10% off code for signing up for their mailing list bringing this watch to 50% off. I went for it and bought it knowing there would never been another opportunity to buy it under $200 again! I've only worn it a couple of times and I've gotten so many compliments! I'm so happy with my purchase of it!

Since next week is my birthday in Chicago and their are so many shops there, I'm almost afraid to see what damage is to be done there! But at lease a little adventure will give me something to update about!


  1. love those interior design pieces ;)

  2. No one is a bad blogger just because he/she fails to constantly update their material constantly. Life gets in the way of our hobbies. Please don't feel bad. I'm still relatively new to "Girl About Houston." As I posted in my own blog, not posting anything recently does NOT make one a bad blogger of any kind. So fear not. I hope you will be well with your birthday coming up. Take care and have a great day, Katerina!


  3. I'm jealous. I want a Michael kors watch. I'm aiming for the rose gold one.

  4. i want the watch too......cute


  5. Where in the world are you girl?! Hope you´re having a fab summer! xo

  6. Hey Katerina,
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award
    Check out my blog for details


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