Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mt. Rush Hour (David Adickes art)

For those Houstonians who fight the I-10 traffic into downtown Houston, I'm sure a lot of y'all have seen what has been dubbed as "Mt. Rush Hour" by local artist and sculptor David Adickes. He's also done the work of Sam Houston statue down I-45N and Stephen F. Austin down I-45S. His studio, Adickes Studio in the Heights has even more of these beautifully done statues of presidents, the Beatles, and my favorite; "We Love Houston". It's a great place to go and view some art for free and even take some out of town guests to take pictures in front of! A lot of the statues are behind a gate, but they are still easy to see and get great pictures of. A friend and I met David Adickes at Dharma Cafe one night and had a lovely conversation about his work and why a lot of it just stays behind a gate. He didn't hesitate to say it's because he holds out for a certain amount of money to be displayed elsewhere and most of the offers received are just not good enough!

Just to show how enourmous these statues are in person, I couldn't help but perch myself on the shoulder of President John F. Kennedy!

Adickes Studio
2500 Summer St
Houston, Texas 77246

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