Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I celebrated my 25th birthday a few days early amongst my friends since I would be in New York City. I decided on something a little bit more low key and picked to have brunch at Strait's at City Centre. Strait's in an Asian fusion restaurant during the day and a lounge at night. On the weekends they serve bottomless mimosas for $12 and we love any excuse to drink mimosas on a patio! We were seated at a beautiful outdoor tent with couches. Luckily tent also had a fan because we started to feel the heat. Unfortunately, Strait's is a little bit stingy when it comes to "bottomless mimosas" Between my entire party of 12 people they would only bring us one pitcher of mimosas out at a time and would bring out refills slowly, even though we requested more pitchers for our table. One pitcher at a time is good amongst 4 people, so our party felt a little jipped on the "bottomless" mimosas. I ordered the fried chicken and waffles and was presented with a beautiful plate. The chicken was fried to perfection and the waffles were so fluffy, topped with mango. Maple syrup was drizzled across the whole plate and gave both the chicken and waffles the right amount of sweet. My entire party enjoyed their food. If not for the service, the food alone would make me come back! One of the best plates of chicken and waffles I have had to date!

Strait's Restaurant
800 W Sam Houston Parkway N
Ste 940
Houston, Texas 77024

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