Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kathryn's Bridal Shower.

On Saturday, I hosted Kathryn’s bridal shower at her mom’s house. I drove myself insane planning this and hoping to make this perfect for her guest. I decided on a wine party and in my opinion it turned out pretty well! I waited for this day because I had bought an amazing dress for it, which is the reason for this post!

The wine boxes were provided by Katrina and were an amazing touch!! Everyone loved them.

I had these wine labels made off of Etsy, at the end of the party each guest took home a bottle of wine to remember the day!

The royal blue dress I wore was the ‘Lola’ found at Reiss, a London based clothing company. The clothes at Reiss are well tailored and sophisticated and just so beautifully made! I have a major girl crush on Kate Middleton. I love everything she wears and when her and Prince William met the President and first lady she wore the amazing ‘cousin’ of the dress I wore. I fell in love with it instantly and so did everyone else because after pictures emerged of her wearing it, the website crashed and the ‘Shola’ dressed became impossible to find. Reiss updated that dress with the Lola and I just had to have it.  Unfortunately, I got the dress 2 days before Kathryn’s shower and did not have enough time to get it altered, so the fit is off. And of course, Katie wore the dress so much better, but I’m so glad to have the similar one in my closet!

Kate Middleton in the ‘Shola’

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