Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Things & Places I Love.

I have no basis for a post today, so here's a picture place of things & places I love! Hopefully I can give something of value to write about tomorrow!

Bikes! I don't own one myself, but I love adorable bikes like this one!

North End in Boston! Such a charming little neighborhood!

New York City! The center of the world...need I say more?

Cannoli!!! I suddenly got hungry just thinking about it...

 Hats! (As previously posted about)

Meneki  Neko cats!

Doughnut Plant! The BEST doughnuts you will ever have in your life.


  1. sure, we can follow each other :) i'm waiting for you now!

  2. The photos are all so fun and colorful, I am craving a donut now!!

  3. beautiful photos!

    i'm in love with holland bikes <3

  4. I love the photos, they're really inspiring, and of course those doughnuts look delicious!

  5. Lovely darling! would you like to follow each other?:X

  6. The bike and NYC spoke to me! I have a red Schwinn with a basket, and I'm excited to take it out for a ride this weekend! And I lived in NYC for a year (Downtown Manhattan) and LOVED it. As much as I live a quiet lifestyle, I'm in love with that city. I could go back, easily!

    1. so jealous you lived in NYC! my sister lives there too and everytime I visit I just never want to come back!


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