Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Buys!

I went to the mall this weekend in search of a new mattress for my bed and ended up walking out with a little something extra for the Spring/Summer!

I know most have or tried the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette. It's been a must have of mine for months and I always use my friend's palette when we are getting ready together. I decided it was finally time to own it myself. I decided to go with the Naked 2 palette because there a few more colors I would use than the original one. Sephora Beauty Insider is having a 15% off coupon right now until April 6th, so it was a great time to buy!

I found this Mango necklace in a bin of lots of jewelry. I thought it was unique and would go great with the dresses I just purchased. To my surprise the price tag on the necklace read $8.00 and I considered it a steal for how great the necklace was. Once I went to the registered the necklace kept ringing up as $48. There was a misprint on the tag and I managed to pick up the only one with it. The sales lady honored the price and I got it literally for a steal!

I walked into Sears for the first time in years to check out mattresses to buy a new one for my bed. On my way to the second level I browsed the clothes in the Kardashian Kollection out of curiousity. To my surprise the clothes are actually really cute, but I felt the prices were a little steep for Sears. I walked up and bought my mattress and with it they gave me a $15 gift card. Since I never shop at Sears I decided to just use it then and walked out with these Red, White, and Blue Maxi dress from the Kardashian Kollection. I actually really love it and can't want to wear it!

I love white lace and have been wanting a pair of white or black lace shorts to wear this Spring, but ended up finding this dress instead by I Heart Ronson. Paired with a belt and wedges I think it will be extremely cute to wear!

Another I Heart Ronson dress, it's the type that's short in the back and long in the back. It's nice and flowy and a lace grey strap. It will be fun to wear over Saturday margaritas with the girls!

I dog sat this weekend too for Katrina's absolutely adorable puppy, Lolita!!! Isn't she just the cutest little dog ever??


  1. great buys. thanks for following me&lovely comment dear. am following u back nice blog i like

  2. Hi Katerina! Thank you for visiting my blog. You have such a nice blog too! Can't wait to hear more of your stories!

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    Thanks! <3

  3. Thank you for puppy sitting, I'm sure she had tons of fun with you! I love that picture of the Boo

    1. It is a cute picture!!! Her cute little hotdog is smiling at the camera too. I can send you the high resolution of it if you want.

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  5. First, I would like to thank you for your sweet comment:)... But I don't follow for follow... If you want to follow my blog I'm glad but If not it is OK, too!

    Have a nice day beauty!



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