Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend on the Guadalupe!

Had a fun weekend on the Guadalupe River with my friends for my brother's 27th birthday!!! We rented a cute little red barn and I had the opportunity to wear my Kardashian Kollection dress and hat from Saks 5th Avenue. I'm still unsure if I like the dress, the part is a little bit more loose than I'd like, but it was a fun dress to wear to hang out on the patio! Lots of alcohol, food, and even cake was had over the weekend...we even had little visitors rummaging through our trash! Here are a few pictures I managed to take over the weekend!


  1. your dress is adorable :) nice post! thanks for visiting our blog :)

  2. Your dress is cute<3
    Happy Birthday to your Brother!

  3. That hat is killing me - cute look!!! Looks like you had a beautiful day:)
    Just followed you on twitter xoxo

  4. Katerina, your outfit is lovely; and you smile sweetly. Your hair is styled beautifully as well. This is a very nice hat to go along with a lovely maxi dress (I have NO problem with maxi dresses or skirts).


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