Friday, March 30, 2012

Daily Accessories.

 I am a girl of simple accessorizing and pretty much wear the same pieces on a daily basis. I got rid a lot of accessories I never wear and have been building up a "nicer" collection. I'm still in search of a good watch, as I've never been a watch person... so any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!

I recently bought this Marc Jacobs bangle and I LOVE wearing it. The only problem is it's heavy and after awhile it begins to hurt my wrist. My friend put it on and immediately noticed how much it hurt to wear, but it still doesn't stop me from wearing it all the time. It comes in other colors too and I am tempted to get a second one in pink!

I walked into the 5th Avenue Tiffany & Co in November with every intentions of buying a bracelet, but walked out with these pearl earrings instead. I was in search of an "everyday" pair of earrings and what girl doesn't want a beautiful pair of pearls! Unfortunately these broke after the first week I got them, but I've had past experience with Tiffany and knew they would forever replace/fix their products. I went to the Houston store and received a brand new pair.

I have a round face and hate most sunglasses on me because they appear to be to small for my face. I found these Tory Burch aviators last May that suited my face very well. I take them with me everywhere I go! The rim of the glasses is a more purple color and a gold bar between the lenses. I get compliments on them all the time!

Marc Jacobs has been one of my favorite designer for years and if there were any brand I am a "label whore" to it's Marc Jacobs. The gold plated wishbone necklace and dart necklaces are two of my favorite necklaces I own and wear one or the other just about everyday! The wishbone receives the most compliments from people, even my sister and friend bought one after seeing mine. The wishbone now comes in silver and I must have it!!


  1. OMG I love both necklaces. They're so unique. I'm going to check online and see if I find them. I ♥ your blog but I don't see the "JOIN THIS SITE" button. Help :/

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I was certain just no one wanted to follow me! Check ebay! I saw the wishbone on there and it's not expensive at all! You can follow me now!


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