Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Chef Tyson Cole's Austin based restaurant, Uchi has made it's way to Houston! I was lucky to be invited by a friend who made reservations a month in advance. The less than two month old restaurant  has got to be one of the best dining experiences I have had to date. The Uchi experience is everything you'd imagine an ultimate dining experience to be.

Upon walking in I couldn't help but being in complete awe of the ambiance the dining room had to offer. The natural wood elements of the booths, walls, chairs, and tables made it feel warm and intimate. We were told the table before us were about to clear out, so we were invited to sit at the bar or the outside lounge for drinks while we waited. We decided to take a seat outside, but were surprised to find the tables were set on top of rocks which were not very easy to walk on in heels! We only had enough time to look over the drink menu before the hostess came outside to show us to our table.

Once seated, we received a warm towel to wipe our hands with. I read Masa in New York City does this too and thought it was coolest thing, like being on a plane as my friend said! We were then greeted by a knowledgeable server who was more than happy to give recommendations and tell us the components and elements of each item we selected. The menu was so amazing and everything sounded so delicious, it was so hard to chose, but somehow we managed to make a few selections!

Now on to the food! I didn't take pictures of the first two items we ordered, but we started with the spicy crunchy tuna and from there the evening was set to perfection. As we were presented with each of our selections our waiter, or whoever brought out our dishes gave us a short description of what we were actually eating. I felt like I was on Top Chef!

The Salmon Belly served over a bed of crush ice was so fresh and delicious! Not so easy to eat with a pair of chopsticks, but nothing short of amazing.

The name of this dish escapes my mind, but it was scallops, cucumbers, pickles and crushed pepper. So good!

My picture doesn't do the Jar Jar duck justice, but it was presented sealed within a jar so the smoke would penetrate the meat. The duck was paired with kumquat, endive and rosemary and has to be the most delicious duck I've eaten!

The foie nigiri was seared to perfection! We were told the best way to eat it was upside down (rice side up) so carmelization hits your palate, but of course once I grabbed it I did exactly opposite of the "best way" to eat it and instantly regretted doing so! But it was still heavenly none the less!

The Brie ringo was also heavenly! But then again anything fried and cheese is perfect to me! Topped with apple chutney.

I read before coming that if there was anything to come to Uchi for it was the fried milk! After reading raves about it, I had to have it. The toasted nuggets burst with creamy, milky goodness that sweetened the less sweet iced milk sherbert and frozen chocolate milk.  The mix of crunchy, creamy, and smooth textures really set this dessert apart. To.die.for!

Overall, an exceptional dining experience.  The overall ambiance and dining experience provides gastronomically savvy Houstonians with a culinary gem in the heart of Houston. Uchi is definitely a place I would constantly come back to.

906 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77006

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