Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kathryn's Rehearsal Dinner @ Grappino Di Nino

One of my best friends got married yesterday at the Bell Tower on 34th and it was an absolutely beautiful wedding! The groom's parents hosted an equally beautiful rehearsal dinner at Grappino Di Nino's Italian Restaurant. The complex actually houses 3 restaurants- Grappino, Vincent's, and Nino's. The ambiance of the location is intimate and romantic, so it was a great place to host a rehearsal dinner.

We sat upstairs in the private room of Grappino's and were surprised of how many guests had already arrived to the dinner. We were greeted with glasses of champagne and Aracini, a creamy risotto and parmigiano ball breaded and fried. The bridesmaids were late, so we got what everyone else couldn't finish. What I did get to enjoy was so amazing and I wish I could just of had more than I did!

Once seated, the waiters asked us red or white wine and kept the glasses full all night! We had a preset menu of Pollo Arrosto; a garlic half chicken with garlic mashed potatoes or Scampi alla Grigili; a shrimp pasta with sauteed spinach. I went with the Scampi, which wasn't that great. Everyone around me picked the chicken and it was so amazing. I wish I would have chosen that instead.

We finished the night with a gelato, that was a palate cleanser, but by the time the dessert came out everyone was drinking so much and having a good time taking pictures and exchanging gifts, I only took one bite and continuted on with being a wino!

Grappino Di Nino's
2817 W. Dallas St
Houston, Texas 77019

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