Thursday, March 29, 2012

Good Dog, Hot Dogs

I am not a hot dog person. But, there has been a local hot dog truck parked at Antidote Coffee Shop every Wednesday and Friday night and I literally live across the street. Everytime I've seen it, I've wanted to try one of their hot dogs, but my "healthy eating" obsession has always got the best of me and I've never allowed myself to buy one. I've always used never having cash on me as an excuse.

Last night, Good Dog, Hot Dogs was out at Antidote again and after learning from their twitter page they took credit, I decided to go for it and pay for it tomorrow morning at the gym. So, finally after months of seeing this truck, I went for it and bought a hot dog.

Hot dogs have never been my thing because I don't like the normal toppings of a hot dog- relish, mustard, onions, jalepenos, sauerkraut... I'm just a ketchup kind of girl! I decided last night that was boring and not even worth buying, so I went for the next boring thing...a chili cheese dog.

The owners were incredibly sweet, asked for my name and then would continue to call me by name. They took my order and told me it would take about 10 minutes until order up.

Once I got my hot dog, I ran back home and within the first bite I was hooked. The bun alone had to be one of the most amazing hot dog buns I've ever had. It was fluffy, yet not too fluffy. It was crunchy, but still soft. It was buttered and grilled to perfect and I could probably been satisfied with just the bun alone. I later learned the buns are locally made by Slow Dough Bread Co. and now I just want to by all of my bread from them! The cheese melted perfectly over the chili and the all natural central Texas import hot dog was top notch quality.

I demolished my hotdog withing 5 minutes and did not regret my decision at all to have a chili cheese dog during the middle of the week! You can follow @GoodDogHotDogs on Twitter to see where they will be during the week when not parked in front of Antidote Coffee on Wednesday and Friday nights. As for me, it's probably not a good thing knowing they are close to me twice a week with so many other hot dogs I need to try!

 Antidote Coffee Shop
724 Studewood Dr.
Houston, Texas 77007

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