Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dress Crisis Diverted!

I am always searching for something related to my friend, Kathryn’s wedding! After the shoes, it’s been a dress to wear on the rehearsal dinner this upcoming Friday. I wasn’t looking to spend a lot on a dress, but something fashionable and just something I knew I would love. I’ve read a lot of fashion blogs and a lot of girls get clothes from ASOS, an online British clothing site. I’ve ordered a few tops from here over the years and haven’t been disappointed, so my expectations were already set on what I was ordering. I picked an orange tulip dress with a scoop neck which looked lovely on the model and had the shape and tailored look that I love. I received the dress today and felt completely deceived by the dress! It was made of cheap, extremely thin fabric and  it was see through. I immediately put it back in the package and dropped it off at the post office to be returned back to ASOS.

I told myself I still had enough time to get a new dress and would look Wednesday or Thursday, but naturally I went directly to Macy’s at Memorial City Mall to find a dress after work. I originally had my heart set on a Rachel Roy colorblock dress, but after dealing with a pain of an associates, I gave up and decided the dress wasn’t for me. Today, I went back for that very dress, but ended up walking out with a different one. I tried on both dresses and decided, even though the dress I chose, is a lot different than the other girls, I just loved it on and the drape work. The one I picked is pink rather than rose, but I love that it’s a dress that could easily be dressed up or dressed down. When I brought the dress to the registered the associated noted how heavy the fabric was. I was so glad to hear that considering the Asos dress was opposite of that! I heard from another Macy’s employee last week about their “presale” policy and the one today had mentioned it to me again. Apparently if you buy an item and ask for a presale, they will give you 20% off on your total. You won’t be able to take home your item then, but they will place a tag on it and you can pick it up anytime the next day up until a week later. Since I was in no rush to take it home, I decided to take my 20% and pick it up by Friday afternoon. I actually love knowing they have a “presale” since I never wear something I buy right away!

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